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Bois Franc Sec

How to choose the best type of firewood?

The first step in choosing good firewood is to make sure that you are using seasoned, seasoned hardwood. Hardwoods burn longer and hotter than softwoods, so they are the best choice for your fireplace or cottage woodstove. Firewood should have been cut and split some time ago – the drying process can take months or even more than a year after cutting – so choose wood that has aged properly. You can tell it’s aged when it’s light and has cracks or splits at the ends of the logs.

It is also important to check for insect infestations before buying firewood. Thoroughly inspect each piece of wood and look for signs of termites or beetles, which are common pests that can travel with firewood. If the wood has been attacked by insects, it is better to use it elsewhere rather than burning it in your fireplace or stove.

When you are ready to buy firewood, always try to buy locally sourced wood. Not only will this support local businesses, but you will also be sure that the wood is suitable for the burning conditions in your chalet. Avoid buying firewood bundles haphazardly from large retailers, as they may contain foreign tree species that can produce too much smoke or other pollutants when burned.

Finally, be sure to store firewood in a dry place, away from your cabin, until you need to use it. Damp wood does not burn well and emits more smoke and pollutants than dry wood.

By following these tips, you can be sure that the firewood you get for your cabin is safe and suitable for burning. Enjoy!